About Fahmy Productions

FAHMY Productions combines industry insights, efficient thinking and innovative ideas to create highly effective media products that connect brands with their audiences.
We are a dynamic multimedia firm, with strong established connections, networks and platforms that continue to grow.
We use imagination and visualize an image for every product. We produce magnificent results, and only recommend what’s right.
A great story is always defined by the emotions it inspires, we create inspiring narratives that effectively reach our audience and ensure success.
We work with the best professionals in the industry and assemble the right team for every project.


We do something special, & We LOVE what we do. Our specialization and expertise are demonestrated in multiple productions , such as Naseeby w Esmetek series parts 1 & 2 among others...
We had dedicated ourselves to creating, planning & handling advertising campaigns; Creating corporate identity, Branding & POSM, Printing, On-ground activations, Events & exhibitions, Billboard locations
LAST but not least, we are Launching soon an exciting & innovative mobile App! Stay Tuned...


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